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Sustainable cooking and energy saving

Energy saving

You use quite a lot of energy in traditional cooking. According to a Dutch climate guide, cooking uses more energy than any of your other household appliances and just as much as an electric hot water cylinder.

An oven uses on average 100 kWh (€23/year) and an electric burner 500 kWh (€115/year). Cooking with the EcoStoof® makes cooking more energy efficient. You heat your food quickly and then let the EcoStoof® do its work. Not only does it save about 30% of the energy you'd normally have used for cooking, but you also save money and your own energy too. Just sit back and let your food cook through on its own! We have calculated that the EcoStoof® can save you about 30% of your energy costs for cooking. Good for the environment and at current energy prices your EcoStoof® will have paid for itself in a year. 


Sustainable cooking

Did you know that food is the cause of about 30% of greenhouse emissions? This amounts to about 1,690 grams of CO2 emissions per evening meal.

The average CO2 equivalent emissions of the average Dutch person's evening meal is 1,690 grams. This source of this data is the Dutch National Institute for Public Health's food consumption data for 2012-2016 and calculations from an Ekomenu report 

According to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals* we must reduce our CO2 emissions by 45% by 2030. Therefore, your evening meal is future-proof when it causes no more than 930 grams of CO2 emissions. Your EcoStoof® helps reduce your footprint!

*Sustainable Development Goals are the United Nations' (UN's) global goals for sustainable development and ending extreme poverty, inequality, injustice and climate change. The 193 member states of the United Nations (UN) have adopted this development agenda for 2015-2030. They apply in all countries and for all people.

Saving CO2 with the EcoStoof®

You can contribute to a future-proof meal with the EcoStoof®. On average, it saves you 240 grams CO2 per meal. That's a 35% contribution to a future-proof meal!


Future-proof ingredients

We've got more tips on how to make your meals sustainable and future proof, in addition to using the EcoStoof®.

  • Eat organic: organic farmland is able to store CO2. As a result, organic crops release 40% less emissions than regular agriculture. Furthermore, it uses no chemical pesticides and fertilisers.
  • Eat local: our food often travels great distances before it reaches our plates. A regular tin of tomato purée travels once around the world. Read labels to see where your food comes from.
  • Eat food in season: by eating what's in season, you choose fresh and healthy food with fewer food miles and less storage.
  • Go for plant-based more often: more than 60% of all food-related CO2 emissions are caused by animal products.
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